33 Best Outdoor Summer Party Lighting Ideas

33 Best Outdoor Summer Party Lighting Ideas (29)

We think you’re due for a party, don’t you? The kind of evening that involves delicious aromas floating from your grill, happy children with sticky hands running through the grass and the enchanting laughter of your closest friends. You’re going to have the perfect summer bash, and we’re going to help you illuminate every smile in style. The possibilities are endless this summer, and we have some great outdoor lighting tips for you. Between good food, good family and friends and plenty of warm weather, having an outdoor summer party is usually a great experience. Make it one that will be distinctive in your mind and in those of your outdoor summer party guests by getting creative with your lighting, turning your event space into something truly magical.

House lights and lamps—Take your indoor lighting outdoors. Use table lamps, floor lamps and any other lamps you can find to light your outdoor space, bringing a stylish element to your outdoor tables, food tables, décor and entertainment areas. Glowing jars—Use mason jars, clear glass jars, translucent colored glasses and other see-through glass items as lighting canisters and use tea lights or votive candles to illuminate those glasses. It’s warming up outside and it’s time to head outside to enjoy the warm weather! Outdoor lighting is one of the best ways to brighten up your outdoor space and make it usable at night. I’m sharing these gorgeous and easy to duplicate outdoor lighting ideas with you today. I know you can find the perfect backyard lighting for your space.


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