Home Decor: 4 mistakes that you should avoid

To make your home both beautiful and fashionable, and comfortable is not an easy task. Even the iron recommendations in practice can result in a failure, on the advice of stylists embodiment requires much more money, power and sophistication than it might seem at first glance. Here are the five most common mistakes, which is better to avoid to enrich the decorating experience.
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1. Too many little things in one room
Even collected with love and a sense of style accessories and decorations can together create a strong visual noise, cause a feeling that the room is too much all at once. Limit to three things in one genre and a maximum of two themes, for example, pattern and color.
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2. Arrange furniture strictly along the walls
By distributing furniture around the room, you give up the opportunity to create a cozy corner of chairs, armchairs and sofas in the center. Appressed home furnishings close access to the walls. But they can be used as a canvas for art. Using the bar, wine cabinet, bookcase can witty and comfortable zone the rooms with sufficient area or non-standard form.
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3. Paint the walls in white
This is the most disputable, bold and controversial point. On the one hand, white walls are dictated to us by Scandinavian style. On the other, colored trim is one of the simplest and most spectacular ways to create a personal, living space. If you are willing to exchange a certain amount of resources to the invaluable experience, experiment with one wall.
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4. Zealously heed the trends
Experienced designers advise to follow the fashion in the details, otherwise you risk getting actual, but completely soulless interior, which also with its whole appearance in a couple of years will shout: “This is of last season.” Check the strength of any beautiful picture, remember that you invest in repairs not only money, but also a part of yourself. So let the proportion will be decent and harmonious.
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